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Wedding Photographer Sutton in Ashfield


I offer a refreshing approach to Wedding Photography, keeping pictures natural with a Reportage style whilst maintaining a laid back, friendly attitude. I keep some traditional elements such as guest shots but keep fuss and posing to a minimum. Guests are encouraged in a relaxed way with emphasis on capturing moments as they happen naturally.The style of my work is to tell the story of the day. With the stand back and watch it happen through the lens approach, people are put at ease. 




Around 1 and a half hours coverage

The groom will never truly understand the level of work that goes into getting the Bride ready. Capturing the detail on camera to share with him after the day is one of my favourite parts of a wedding day coverage. The Bride is able to relax around the photographer and camera before the day becomes hectic which is also a bonus. My photography aims to tell the story of the day so this is shot as naturally as possible. I aim to get shots of the dress, shoes and all the other little details that go into making your day complete. I very much aim for fly on the wall coverage.


  • Choose somewhere with natural light and space to get ready. If your house isn't suitable for makeup/hair/photos as well as bridemaids getting ready etc consider someone elses house or a hotel.

  • Wear something appropriate. Consider something comfortable you wouldn't mind having your photos taken in.

  • Be yourself. Don't be scared of the camera. I would never intentionally take an unflattering photograph of you. Trust the photographer.

  • Drink plenty of water and try and stay off of the fizz other than the polite cheers. It can dry out your mouth and make you stumble over your vows.

  • Make sure you have EVERYTHING you need at your bridal prep address. Double check at least the day before.


Coverage starts around 45 minutes ahead of ceremony time and ends when you are seated for your meal

My ceremony coverage starts with guest arrival shots around 45 minutes ahead of ceremony time, the groom, the bridal party and onto the arrival of the bride and her side of the wedding party. I stand back and try and capture the day as naturally as possible. I also will prompt shots where needed to best get the day shot for you to keep forever. The ceremony coverage is as stated by the venue. Some venues allow for none restricted coverage whereas other venues have restrictions. Please check with your venue. Following the ceremony there is an opportunity for group and couple shots outside of any given venue.


  • Registrars are within their rights to not wait for you to arrive. Make sure you arrive in time for pre-wedding meeting.

  • Some people actually don't know they need to book their own registrar for a venue. Check with the venue.

  • Make sure all of the bridal party know their roles. If you want your ushers to seat people make sure they are clear who needs to sit where and how they are to greet your guests. Remember they have agreed to fulfil the role to make your day easier.

  • Leave earlier than you think you need to leave to allow time for traffic. Even if you sit in your car around the corner from your venue it's better to be safe than sorry.


Following the ceremony there may be a change of venue or at least a change of shot opportunities. This is the time the couple are able to catch up with wedding guests, be taken to the side for photos if required and for me to shoot the venue detail such as room decor. We will also stage a private cake cut for that iconic and much needed photograph.

I leave your venue at the start of your meal to allow guests to relax and for you to enjoy time with your guests (nobody likes chewing shots). If speeches are required to be included in the photography, please speak to your venue about doing speeches before the meal is served (advised due to the tables being at their best. I also find after a meal guests wish to leave the tables and you lose attention if you can't bribe them with food).


  • Don't leave your guests hanging around for hours with nothing to do. It always seems like a good idea to make the most of your day by having your ceremony at 11 and feeding your guests at 4 but what do they do within that time? If you have a big space between the ceremony and meal make sure there is some form of entertainment.

  • Take time to be with your guests. They've come to celebrate with you and not all of your guests will know other people. Introduce people to each other and play the host.

from this item’ in the edit panel.


2 hours of evening coverage

I return to your wedding for 2 hours to shoot the reception. This coverage includes fly on the wall coverage, first dance and any couple shots that are more suited to the evening time. 

If the venue permits (on the full day coverage packages) I set up a studio for your guests to have a professional studio portraits taken for your keepsake. Sometimes this isn't possible to do because of safety issues and some receptions have alot happening that requires constant shooting restricting studio time. Please discuss the studio with me when booking. 


  • Plan to have your first dance earlier on in the evening. Guests always feel more comfortable starting the wedding reception after the formalities are done. 

  • Not everyone will be on time. If you tell people 7 they will come at 7.30. I think it's a British thing of not wanting to be the first there.

  • Follow the first dance with your buffet. When you serve a buffet before the first dance the queing and eating time takes alot longer than you think. So that 8pm first dance will soon turn into a 10pm first dance.

Check your date.

The Wedding Packages will show as soon as you hit send x

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